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Estelle Talks All Of Me’ LP, Love And Her Relationship With Her Father: Video

Ms. Estelle at her NYC Listening event

I caught up with Estelle, one of Parlour‘s patron saints, recently to talk about her new album All Of Me. Released on February 28, four years have passed since the London local’s last LP 2008’s Shine and she says blames the delay on her search for authenticity. Ms. Swaray also shared that she loves all of her U.K. sistren including Lioness and the like and adores the strides they making back home. As for All of Me, led by the Akon-penned single “Thank You” included below, the project features Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Janelle Monae to name a few and we suggest grabbing it off the shelf of your local record shop, or more appropriately your iTunes account. Without further adieu, I present to you Parlourtalk with Estelle:

Parlourtalk with Estelle credits: 

Producer, Host: Hillary Crosley

Camera: Walter Pinkney

Editor: Berman Fenelus

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