Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ Sounds Like Manchester, UK: Watch!

Last weekend I hit up the EMP Pop Conference thanks to a journo girl group I’m part of and by the end of the weekend filled with the Women of Power Conference and professor’s explaining why Joy Division sounds like Manchester, England I felt like I had flowers growing out of my mind. Here’s Vassar professor Leonard Nevarez’s Joy Division synopsis:

“This paper examines the development over three decades of the aesthetic sensibility by which listeners can ‘hear Manchester’ in Joy Division’s music. My analysis treats the band’s output as an immersive yet ambiguous signifier to which a number of non-musical actors and historic contexts have lent external connotations later exploited by urban branding. Examining Manchester’s prior status in British cultural-media geography as a generic hinterland of London, I discuss specific place associations established by key music journalists and in the band’s early TV/film appearances. I also review historic contexts for listening that have given rise to today’s experience of Joy Division as “ambient” or “iPodded” music for a deindustrialized city. Ultimately, the ways by which Joy Division has come to sound like Manchester — arguably the earliest post-industrial “second city” to adopt pop music as an urban branding resource — have a social and political significance that may overshadow the group’s musical legacy.”

It was fucking fantastic. Anyway, here’s Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” below. Enjoy!:


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