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Marc Jacobs Doesn’t Pay His Models?

It’s no secret that we are super-fans of Marc Jacobs around these parts. So to learn that not only does he not pay his models, but violates his own organization’s labor mandates and is kinda “whatever” about it— which makes that new handbag seem less and less appealing for spring. Jezebel breaks down the story of 17-year old model Hailey Hasbrook:

“That’s another 14 hours of working just for Jacobs. For her efforts, Hasbrook later booked both the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows.
What was she paid for her 23 hours of doing looks, plus her 6-8 hours of working in Jacobs’ two shows? Not one cent.”

Basically Hailey worked as a “look” model for Jacobs, and walked in both of his shows—and earned free clothing. When asked about her story via Twitter, Marc Jacobs (or their piss poor social media person) replied:

Read the whole story here and tell us what you think ladies? Is “trade” a suitable option for payment? Or is the Marc Jacobs company just capitalizing on the “exposure” bit that forces thousands of young people to work for free everyday.

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