Santigold’s ‘Disparate Youth’ Video Is Weird But We Love It: Watch It!

Santigold preaches to "Disparate Youth" in new clip

From the introductory lyrics “Don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather … ” I’m sold on Santigold‘s newest weirdo video for her single “Disparate Youth.” Opening with the songstress asleep in bed and waking with white eyeballs, it’s clear she’s dreaming as she begins a jaunt down a river to meet up with some kids in body paint. It’s all very Duran Duran mixed with Keep The River On Your Right. Get into it with me this Saturday morning or evening depending on where you are in the world? *waves and rolls back over in my covers*:

ps. sorry for the YouTube screen showing, Photoshop and I are re-assessing our relationship.

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