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Straight Out of Accra: FOKN Bois

When Wanlov the Kubolor and M3NSA met at Adisadel College in 1997, they knew that there was an instant connection. “We believe we had met several times before from sperm age til then,” said Wanlov of their initial meeting.  The two built a friendship based on their love of music while freestyling in the school yard after school. Yet, as chance would have it, they eventually went their separate ways, going in different directions, but blowing up in their own right: M3NSA as a talented producer, keyboard player, singer and lyricist and Wanlov, as a wicked emcee who moved across the US and Europe before making it back to Accra.

Years later, the two reconnected and the result is a unique blend of individual styles that come together to become the FOKN Bois. Together, they are irreverent, witty and fearless, bringing a fresh take to Ghanaian hip hop that utilizes the best of both worlds.

In 2010, the two produced and starred in Coz Ov Moni, a musical performed entirely in Ghanaian Pidgin about the day in the life of two guys on a mission in Accra.  From that came a number of tunes that were released in support of the film. Their newest EP Fokn Wit Ewe, was released in late February, taking a stab at everyone from patriotic Americans to Ghanaian Rastafarians.  It’s a bit controversial, completely politically incorrect—and no one was spared. Love it!

I thought it would only be right to sit down with the two emcees to get their take on the new project. So without further ado, I introduce, the FOKN Bois.

Parlour: I find the two of you to be quite different in your style yet very similar at the same time. How would you describe the synergy that you two have in the studio?  Why does it work?

FOKN Bois: You are an excellent finder…we believe we first met in some wrestling match between our fathers when we were still residing in their respective and respectable testicles that touched shamelessly. We hit it off right from then. And yes our overall approach is different, Wanlov actually wears his with cowboy boots. [Heh.Heh.Hmm—SW]

In five words, how would you describe your sound?
Holy, Sexy, Dope, Vim [aka fiyah], Fluffy

A lot of the songs on “Fokn Wit Ewe” toy with the combination of sex and religion.  What’s that about?
Religion contains a lot of sex…see how many children Abraham had etc…and during sex we often shout God and Jesus and Allah a lot. This is why we’re a gospel porn Christian rap group.

Is it just a coincidence that you released “Sexin Islamic Girls” on the day of Ghana’s Independence?  I noticed that you got a lot of feedback on that.
Yes it was pure co-incidence… We wanted to put it out last Friday, but our publicist said she wouldn’t be ready to do a write-up and blast to blogs till that Tuesday…

You could have gone in a lot of directions with the video, but I guess you played it safe with the food/eating element?
Safe is the most dangerous you can be when hanging out with Islamic wives, sisters and daughters of the Boko Haram. Plus we’re kind of the “most wanted” in Nigeria so we only had enough time to grab a quick breakfast in Lagos and bounce out after feeding the women.

That’s pretty gangsta. Could you not find any women in Ghana?
Chale, Chale, Chale

I take that as a no. Fair enough then.  So, the track “Help America,”explain in your own words. Why did you think it was necessary to include this on the project?
As humanitarians we can’t ignore the plight of our Kenyan brother Obama’s current hood. America’s credit rating has dropped, Steve & Whitney are dead, the Wall Street occupation looks like the Gaza one with the innocent being kicked about by zombies in riot gear. China wants its money back…it goes on and on and makes us sad for the America we used to want to live in.

Very interesting.  Yet, you were scheduled to do a US tour and perform at SXSW this year. What happened?
Nothing from us again for the second time. First time we weren’t ready for all the paperwork involved and this time Wanlov got denied a Visa because America thinks he wants to go and live there after living 7 years in America and trying for 4 years to leave, but couldn’t leave legally because homeland security was keeping him in lazy legal limbo. Wanlov is looking forward to suing the Americunt sorry, Americant government and M3nsa is looking forward to some soft strawberry shortcake.

Wanlov, I loved “Young Curse,” your take on Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers.”  The ending says a lot in itself. How was that received in Ghana?  Did you ever get any feedback after you posted it online?  Any plans for a Wanlov x Tyler the Creator collaboration down the line?
Many in Ghana dont know Tyler the Creator so they just thought Wanlov had come out a closet of sorts. Not many verbal reactions…just a lot of LMFAOs, LOLs, OMGs, WTFs, etc… And we are not in contact with Tyler, but doubt he will link up after seeing it. It’s not as shocking as his was.

You guys also created a fresh version of Broken Languages which is simply brilliant. What made you select that song in particular? Can we expect any other GH takes on US hip hop tracks?
Thanks—we felt we had to describe ourselves to the confused ones. They are even more confused now.  No [no plans for other songs]..we only do one every decade or so.

Are there any producers or artists outside of Ghana who you have on your wish list to work with?
We really feeling Mosanto [agriculture company] right now. We wish to learn how to patent and produce our own stuff on their level. We would also like to work with music producers like David Guetta, Quincy Jones & Timbaland.  As for artists we feeling Flight Of the Conchords, LMFAO and Babara Streisand

Barbara Streisand, really? What’s your favorite Babs song?
Well…all of them…Especially “Unbreak My Heart”

Great, but isn’t that Toni Braxton?

Ask anyone in Accra who FOKN Bois are and there is no question, yet you guys are slowly building a presence in other countries as well.  Is this part of the greater plan? World domination?
CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Supersport only show news about war-ish sporty stuffs instead of FOKN stuffs…We plan to have lady Gaga pound fufu for us in Aburi with a long Nuemann microphone while we send Lil Wayne to pluck prekese from a tree in Makola market for the soup. In the meantime we are just putting out music like public schools and touring the universe like the son of Odin.


Check out a few tunes from FOKN Bois below. You can also download FOKN Wit Ewe HERE

Sexin Islamic Girls


Wanlov the Kubolor: Young Curse

M3NSA: Fanti Love Song

Coz ov Moni (2010) Trailer

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