Travel Bits: Curaçao’s Club Scene, Europe’s Best Festivals, Global Dining Etiquette & More

Brooklyn? Brixton? No, it’s Curaçao ladies! With it’s mix of merengue, hip-hop, dancehall and more, this survey into the country’s top nightclubs is enough to make this Parlourista want to book a ticket. [NYT]

In India, eating with your left hand can get you dirty looks and in Georgia, just sipping your wine is considered rude. Before you book that next getaway, brush up on your international eating etiquette! [BT]

From Ibiza to Barcelona, Spain is a a top destination for travelers who are ready to party. Check ou this breakdown of the top dates/cities to get your booty-shake on. [Guardian]

Before you get on your next flight, click here to see how your airline plans to entertain you. [Jaunted]

Spring is here. What does that mean? It’s festival time in Europe! Bookmark this site for the best of Europe’s music festivals. [SFG]

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