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U.S. President Barack Obama’s Camp Releases ‘The Road We’ve Travelled’ Doc: Watch!

"Listen up, people ... "

Though watching Republicans fight amongst each other is sometimes hilarious, I’m absolutely pro-U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for the next presidential election. And unlike Samuel L. Jackson, it’s not just because he’s black but rather because he’s made decisions that have directly affected my day-to-day life and pocket. Starting with the health insurance credit in 2009 that allowed this laid off journalist to be able to afford monthly healthcare, when back in 2005 in a similar situation I relied on my young healthy body to keep because financially I couldn’t pay for rent, food and a $600+ health insurance bill. Obama repealed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell bill, which I called bullshit on once I understood its meaning since it was passed in 1993 during my teens, he bailed out Detroit car companies which if he hadn’t saved would have swallowed up the economy and he pushed for unemployment extension, which let me continue to live in one of America’s most expensive cities, New York, without jumping out of the window all 1920 crash-like.

Most recently, I support Obama because I’m pretty sure he thinks all of these trans-vaginal laws and issues boil down to boys vs. girls and women have become the scape goat of this male-dominated early presidential election race. Through his decision to make birth control available to women without co-pay, he’s helping me again with my pocketbook because honestly, if I didn’t want to be responsible about family planning, I could save a good $100 per month, that’s $1200 per year. Birth control is my sole monthly expense, health-wise, besides my actual healthcare payment to the Freelancer’s Union.

Here’s what Obama’s camp thinks defined the President’s journey to the White House in 2008, narrated by actor Tom Hanks and directed by Davis Guggenheim. Enjoy!:

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