Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are Literally Too Cute

Bey and Jay, WireImage

So … this weekend Shannon and I hit our buddies’ party called Grits & Biscuits but when I wanted to leave, something stopped me. Jay-Z and Beyoncé specifically. No, Bey didn’t get in front of me and bust out into the “Run The World” choreography, although that would have been awesome, but rather the two were nestled in the corner of Irving Plaza’s top floor by the dressing room. She was sitting on his lap and he had his hands around her waist and while I was annoyed because security wouldn’t let me get my bag that was located in the dressing behind hip-hop’s royalty, their public display of affection was really too adorable to stay upset. Plus, I finally figured out how to get my bag so everything was gravy. Above, Jay and Bey are exhibiting that same adorableness at a basketball game. If they go the way of Kelis and Nas, I’m sorry but I will be sad.

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