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Beyoncé Launches Her Official Website via Tumblr, We Gag On Pictures

Just as she did to celebrate the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé has taken to Tumblr (on her wedding anniversary no less) to finally launch her official web destination (Beyonce world is not hers) via Tumblr: Beyoncé | I Am. Take a glimpse into the vault of never before seen photographs like the one above, listen to her music, see her latest news and more. Ok, we can find the news …just take time to gag on all the cool photos, enjoy!

Beyonce DOT Com

direct link to pictures: Beyonce Vault

update: and there’s video too! check out her baby bump bikini clip *fights urge to pro-create*

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    Bey`once, might I remind you,
    Put some clothes on,
    I told you.
    Don’t walk out your house
    with your boobs hanging out,
    I told you.
    What you thinking bout,
    looking so whore now,
    I told you.
    Got that? Har`lot?
    Your Husband’s upset about it, are you a Harlot?
    You didn’t tell him that when he married you, Nasty.