DJ Square Biz’s ‘Grits & Biscuits’ Mix Shakes It Up: Parlour Jams!

L t0 R: Alzo Slade, Erika Lewis, Maurice Slade (DJ Square Biz), Rob/ GraveShift

Last year, we introduced the Parlour ladies to DJ Square Biz, aka Maurice Slade, and his Grits & Biscuits party in New York City. Since then, the G&B fete has traveled to Washington, D.C. and have had to secure bigger venues around the Big Apple because Biz and his two partners in the event company E.Z. Mo Breezy, comprised of Biz, his brother Alzo Slade and Erika Lewis, keep selling out spaces. And no one wants to see a bunch of dejected party-goers in booty shorts stuck outside, right?

On Saturday April 14, the Grits & Biscuits team returns with another party, except this time at the spacious Irving Plaza off NYC’s Union Square. Get your $15 tickets at the door, opening at 10 p.m., because the pre-sale is already sold out and listen to Square Biz’s sampler to get you excited for the weekend’s booty-bouncing festivities. WOOT!

We profiled Biz last year and here’s an excerpt from the original piece:

PARLOUR: Born and raised?

DJ Square Biz: The Dirty Souf, I was born in Austin, TX and raised in Houston, TX.

How did you start spinning?

I was fucking up in school and my brother introduced me to DJing. My mom told me she’d buy me some turntables if I straightened up in school. I did so I got my turntables and I was off at 15 years old.

Favorite song to play at the height of the party?

Depends on the crowd, but usually I would say Too Short’s “Blow The Whistle.”

Who are you DJ idols?

Past: Grand Master Flash
Present: A-Trak
Future: DJ Square Biz

What’s your favorite saying?

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward.

Listen to DJ Square Biz’s Grits & Biscuits: Part Two below and if you’re in NYC, come shake it with us at Irving Plaza on Saturday! Oh, and dig in the crates on our Parlour Jams Soundcloud, where we’re showcasing all of our mixes. Know a Parlour-worthy DJ,  email me at!

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