Drake, Rihanna Cuddle For ‘Take Care,’ Lil Wayne Parties In ‘HYFR’ Videos: Watch!

This is the part where Parlour catches you up from what the Internet showcased over the weekend. First up, Drake and Rihanna finally released their awkward but awesome duet video for “Take Care.” I have no idea what the imagery means, you’d have to ask Shannon, the creative side of Parlour, but I like how the images reflect the insolar mood of the song. Elsewhere, Aubrey — have to call Drake by his first name Aubrey for this part — reveals his original Bar Mitvah video and I adore how he’s not afraid to embarrass himself for his art. To be fair, hip-hop roundly makes fun of Drake for a litany of reasons but there are few things more endearing than someone who can make fun of themselves. In the “HYFR” clip, the Toronto MC throws himself another Bar Mitvah and parties down with at least seven of his closest white friends, or at least lines them up in front of a synagogue so they can turn the routine rap video crew shot on an ironic and comical ear.

Watch both clips below. What do you think of the videos?:

“Take Care” directed by Yoanne Lemoine

“HYFR” directed by Lil X

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