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Kanye West Loves Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose Told You So

Just as the Kim Kardashian backlash was cresting following that fool-tail faux wedding to Kris Humphries, the sex tape trickster is back. If you recall, we shared that Amber Rose accused Kim of trying to entice Kanye West while the two were dating and Kimmy was dating footballer Reggie Bush.

“Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Rose told Star magazine. “She’s a homewrecker!”

Now it seems that Kanye has not only confirmed that fact by releasing the corny “Theraflu” on New York’s Hot 97 radio station this week but now he’s cupcaking with Kim all over New York. These fools went to see the Hunger Games and then Kim left his house in the same clothes she’d worn to dinner the night before, according to TMZ. Like my intervention letter to Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica, here’s my letter to Mr. West.

Dear Kanye,

I know you think you like Kim Kardashian, but like we all knew your dating Amber Rose was going to be a failure as soon as we saw her smoking those black and milds during Paris Fashion Week, we can see this reality nightmare one million miles away.

Now let’s recall how Ms. Kardashian came into the public sphere in the first place; a sex tape and a “friend” show with sketchy socialite Paris Hilton. Neither of these entry points are classy, not to mention her contribution to the sex tape has to be the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. And the way you rap about wanting a real relationship, I’m surprised that you’d pursue a courtship that ends in a paparazzi-smeared break-up and an illegitimate child on the way. Oh, please believe Kim K. is getting pregnant this time. If you’ve been watching the show, from my short peaks into the worlds of botox and crazy, the editing and scripts make Kim appear lonely since sister Khloe’s got her Lamar and sister Kourtney’s got her son and his father. As such, it’s Kim’s turn to hit the OBGYN hospital bed, if only just for ratings. Another cautionary message, if you thought these two-bit opportunists were trying to relieve you of your money, you’ve never met Kris Jenner. As the financial head of the Kardashian empire, if she can engineer Americans to watch a show about nothing, what makes you think she can’t figure out a way for Kim to maneuver into your pocket like a tick you can’t remove?

Be smart(er) Kanye.



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