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Michael Ealy, ‘Think Like A Man’ and John Legend: The Parlour Review

Micheal Ealy's about to make Taraji P. Henson breakfast. I'm jelly.

On Wednesday I hit the star-studded premiere of Think Like A Man wearing my converse and a funky attitude. But I left the theater madly in love (as much as engaged woman can be …) with Michael Ealy. When I tell you that man is hot in this movie it’s an understatement. I’m not usually into guys who could be my cousin or uncle — seriously, googling photos of Ealy, I found one where he looks like my uncle from the side. Ew. — but the way Michael talks and seems so earnest in this flick is pretty enticing. His turn reminded me of first seeing him in Ice Cube’s Barbershop as Ricky with that terrible bandana and over-sized clothing as well as the made-for-tv special of Zora Neale Hurston’sTheir Eyes Were Watching God. I just wanted to scream Tea Cake and wither into my seat.

While I disagree with Steve Harvey giving relationship advice to women — his suggestions are common sense, ie. don’t date someone who just wants to make you a one night stand unless you’re looking for that experience too. Hey Steve! Water’s also wet! — Think Like A Man was a fun romantic comedy-chick flick with a primarily all black cast. I support. And unlike Red Tails, I left the theater feeling great instead trying to justify the ratio of African American actors in the cast to the number of times I responded to what was on screen with a laugh, smile or tear.

In Think Like A Man, several couples begin the courtship dance as stereotypical reflections of the examples Harvey outlines in his book of the same name. Actress Taraji P. Henson and Michael Ealy depict the powerful career woman and dreamer guy, respectively. Ealy is looking for his calling and thinks it’s cooking, but while chef’ing it up at a restaurant he spots Henson and pretends to be a successful cook between great gigs to impress her. Blah blah blah, they end up making out over chocolate molten lava cake, eggs florentine and some fried appetizer that looks like risotto balls. I was jealous. He licked the chocolate off of her damn knee cap during one scene. Sign.Me.Up. So where does John Legend‘s topless video below come in? “Tonight” by Legend is the theme to most of Ealy and Henson’s scene so now, like Pavlov’s dog, I now associate steamy foodie sex with this echoing sexy jam. And to think, just a few weeks ago at the Epic Records office I could barely look at Johnny’s video on the hallway TV without laughing. Times have changed, honey! Pon’ de replay!

ps. Think Like A Man hits theaters April 20, but Mr. Ealy is sexy right now!


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