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New York State-Supported Center Says Electric Shocks For Autistic And Unruly Kids Is ‘Treatment’

“Staffers pulled him out and put him in a four-point restraint face down,”

In 2002, Andre McCollins, an autistic teen, walked into the Judge Rotenberg Center and refused to take off his coat. His punishment? He was placed in a restraint and shocked 31 times, leading to permanent brain damage. Many New Yorkers who listen to the radio have heard the commercials for the Judge Rotenberg Center, which basically promise that they can treat unruly and violent kids without medication. I’ve heard these commercials many times and always assumed it was a type of bootcamp situation a la’ “Scared Straight.” Turn out many of us have no idea.

A piece on New York Magazine today breaks down that the Judge Rotenberg Center was originally designed to use aversion therapy to treat mentally retarded kids with aggressive behavior or severely autistic children—like Andre. Overtime the center started taking in more kids with violent behavior and using electric shocks on all of the children. Oh, and it’s still state-supported with over $25 million a year being spent to keep it’s doors open.

See the below footage obtained by Fox News Boston that shows what the Judge Rotenberg Center tried to surpress in court after Andre’s mother sued the center, 18-year old Andre Collins being “treated” for his autism:

For the full story, check out NYMag.com

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