Should Brigette Harris Go Free After Killing Her Father? You Be The Judge

“Somebody’s got to do something,” she says on the video. “Just know I’m doing this because I know he’s not going to change … I’m really sorry, guys. This is something that just has to be done.”

In 2009, Brigette Harris was convicted of manslaughter after she castrated her father, which eventually killed him. After suffering a lifetime of sexual abuse from, the last straw came when she witnessed her father’s behavior with her young nieces and he announced that he was taking them back to their native Liberia. This week, Briggette Harris goes up for parole in New York State. So should she be freed? Over 95% of New York Magazine (including this one) readers say yes.

In this article, Brigette recounts the situation that led her to take action. But I question what will be the aftermath of her parole and what it means for future cases? Granted that her abuse was confirmed by her family members, will this potentially open the door to more gruesome cases? If this situation doesn’t raise awareness about how faulty our criminal justice is when it comes to women, statute of limitation and abuse then what will? Maybe this is a wake-up call before more women like Brigette hit the wall.

Read the whole story and tell us what you think!

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