STS’s ‘Comeback Kid’ Turns Sleigh Bells To Speed Rap: Watch!

Sugar Tongue Slim, obviously, photo/Creative Beach

After watching Sleigh Bells perform on “SNL” with that terrible sound, I wasn’t sure if I liked the song “Comeback Kid” so much. But in my email, I got a peak at MC STS, aka Sugar Tongue Slim, and his remix of Sleigh Bells’ orginial track and I like. Shannon’s liked this kid for awhile, I take a little longer sometimes. Here’s a bit from his bio:

A keen and clever wordsmith, Atlanta native Sugar Tongue Slim migrated to Philadelphia in 2000 where he infiltrated the underground scene, embracing the concrete urban culture. Dominating across the board from poetry slams to Hip-Hop ciphers, STS emerged with a hypnotic hybrid of southern spiel and northern street say-so. It was just this infectious combination that landed STS the job of co-writing Ciara’s 2005 smash hit, “Oh” with renowned producers Andre Harris and Vidale Davis featuring vocals from Ludacris. No novice to the music industry, Slim has collaborated with several established producers including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ivan Barias, Carvin Haggins, and Kwame. Slim’s buzz worthy catalogue includes collaborations with Charlie Baltimore, Lloyd, Nas, and Mario. He has written for and worked with the likes of Jill Scott, Eve, and Beanie Sigel, just to name a few.

Pretty cool and I’m downloading his Gold Rush mixtape as you’re reading this. Checking this out before his Gold Rush Part Two tape hits the web soon. Enjoy “Comeback Kid” below.

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