Travel Bits: Maruba’s Jungle Retreat, Language On The Road, Tokyo’s Trains & More

Hmmm, $400 for three nights total at the Maruba Jungle Resort & Spa in Belize? Yes please! [TZ]

As a New Yorker or Londoner, you may think you know how to master a city’s train system—until you go to Tokyo. Here are some tips. [LP]

So you may know a few choice words of Spanish or French, but how is that Farsi working out for you? Before you go anywhere this year, use these tips for how to jump over the language barrier. [WSL]

And if you prefer, check out one of these 25-best apps for travelers to get your efficiency and native language on. [Time]

If you’re like me, you don’t stop your fitness flow when you are on the road. But do it in luxury at these hotel hotspots for working out around the globe. [T+L]

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