Win ‘Think Like A Man’ Tickets And Black Opal Makeup Gifts With Parlour!

If you didn’t win the lottery like us this weekend, how about this? Win a Black Opal cosmetics goodie bag filled with eye shadow and tickets to the new movie Think Like A Man, starring Kevin Hart, Micheal Ealy and Taraji P. Henson debuting on April 20 from Parlour. We promise you won’t have to fight your McDonald’s co-workers for the spoils. But first are you a Top Shelf Diva or an Urban Fashionista. Why? Well, because you want to grab the right Black Opal makeup bag, right? Follow three easy steps for your free gifts by clicking here and you’re on your way! Free things for everyone! Well, the winner anyway.

ps. And when you win, can I hold the purple eye shadow please?

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