DJ Red Alert’s Final Mix On New York’s Kiss FM: Listen!

DJ Red Alert in NYC; photo/Sean Jamar

While I was in Tobago, an idea that many in New York’s radio scene have toyed with happened — rival R&B radio stations WKRS 98.7 Kiss FM and WBLS 107.5 merged. Among the veterans that came through the WBLS halls, including our arch-rival Steve Harvey and the @ParlourMagazine roomie’s favorite Wendy Williams, was one of hip-hop’s first radio DJs, Red Alert. Aside from being generally awesome and influential in some many MCs careers from A Tribe Called Quest to Biggie radio shout outs, Alert is a generally nice guy who would lurk around the events I organized during my Billboard magazine days. Popping his head in some side door at our R&B Conference host hotel, he’d humbly say ‘Hello’ like he wasn’t one of the icons that kicked off the hip-hop radio format at WBLS, which led to other companies across America and the world following suit. But that’s Alert’s way it seems. Over the weekend, he played his final Saturday night mix and it’s jamming so as a salute, we ladies of hip-hop here at Parlour bid Alert farewell with a wop.

Listen below!

Part One:

Part Two:

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