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Hannibal Buress And I Are Meant To Have Funny Babies Together

Ok, not really.
But after reading award-winning comedian Hannibal Buress‘ recent interview with Pitchfork, I couldn’t help but have a case of the “OMG ME-TOOs!!!!”

Hannibal likes Jameson + Ginger and Little Dragon? Me too!
Hannibal likes that Jay-Z, Will Ferrell, Beanie Siegel SNL skit that no one can ever seem to remember? Me too!
Hannibal admits to dumbing out on WSHH sometimes? Well, I prefer OnSmash because I’m high-class—but I’ll take it!

See why the Chicago funnyman is one of our faves and read the full interview here. And if you are in New York City this weekend, we’ll be with the AfroPunk crew at the Knitting Factory (where Buress hosts a weekly comedy night) to celebrate the premiere of his new Comedy Central special, “Animal Furnace.” Details below:

image credit: TheeErin via Flickr 

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