‘Nice With Hers’ Chat Celebrates Black Women Writers In Harlem

L-R: Michaela Davis, Akiba Solomon, Nicole Moore, Kierna Mayo, Malinda Williams, Jamilah Lemieux, Karen Good

Any longtime Parlour  reader will tell you, it takes my cousin’s cooking and an act of God to get my Brooklyn resident self to Harlem, but on Wednesday night I trudged up to the famous Schomburg Center for a night of journalism porn. Attending a panel discussion called “Nice With Hers,” host and TheHotness.com blogger Nicole Moore moderated the chat with famed hip-hop journalists Kierna Mayo, Karen Good, Akiba Solomon and dream hampton. The ladies talked about their favorite stories — Good described a VIBE DMX profile where he literally dropped trou’, hampton described her first profile of the early Los Angeles VJ Dee Barnes who was brutalized by Dr. Dre — Mayo described the origin of her days heading the start-up Honey magazine and Solomon described what it was like to come after all of those women’s work.

What’d I do? Sit in the back and soak up their knowledge. It’s good to realize from whence you came, it reaffirms where we’re going with this little thing called Parlour. Can’t wait until the next one! Make sure you keep an eye on the Schomburg schedule for the next entry into the “Nice With Hers” series of panel discussions. I hear our buddy Joan Morgan is up next!

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