Nicki Minaj, Nas Kiss In ‘Right By My Side’ Video: Watch!

Is Kelis watching this? - Nas, IDJ

So, you know how I feel about Nicki Minaj and her videos. I try but she just always makes it hard … and I want to like them, that’s the rub! Anyway, Ms. Minaj released her new video for “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown, who sings on the track, and Nas, who is tasty eye candy. Ya’ll know I love me some Nas.

My “Right By My Side” break-down:

– Unfortunately Nicki’s outfits are terrible again. *shakes fist* I rebuke you Elvira. We were doing so well with “Stupid Hoe” despite, you know, the actual song.

– So is her wig choice, except for the wet-n-wavy she wears when she and Nas are eating on the shopping strip — that’s semi-acceptable. Still, where’s a Wendy Williams consultation when you need one?

– Could we not integrate Chris Brown into the video’s storyline? Could Breezy not attend the full filming?

– Who’s “renting her heart” if Nicki’s all in Nas’s mouth by the video’s end? I thought she’d be torn between two men and chose Nas at that clip’s end, you know make it interesting? Boo.

– Nas is adorable as always and the sword swings both ways, Nicki gets a hip-hop great co-sign and Nas gets relevancy with the 11-year-olds in Europe. Now if Nicki gets Jay to appear in the “Hov Lane” video, crown this chick queen of the wet-n-wavy wigs because she’s winning.

– What does Nicki’s on-and-off-again boyfriend, Scaff Breezy have to say about this? Did Nick tell him ‘It’s just work, you know this song’s about you boo’ like Paula Patton told husband Robin Thicke when she was snuggling with Andre 3000? Paula drove that man to write “Lost Without You” by tonguing down Andre 3K, will Scaf do a mean break-dance in the back of Nicki’s next video/performance in retaliation? I kid, but seriously though … ?

Watch Nicki Minaj’s “Right By My Side” below and tell me what ya’ll think:

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