Nas Joins Nicki Minaj’s ‘Right By My Side’ Video Photos: Look!

Will Hillary finally like one of my videos? Like I care ... - Nicki, MTV

Nicki Minaj introduces her new video for “Right By My Side” from her sophomore, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded today at 7:56pm EST on MTV (Lol, at the super-specific time. Oh, MTV.). Here’s an image from the shoot, plus two featuring Nasir Jones from Women of Hip Hop. Nicki’s “Right By My Side” features Chris Brown who also makes an appearance in the clip according to reports, this is Nicki’s fourth video from Roman Reloaded — maybe I won’t hate this one? I still refuse to watch “Starshps.” Nope, won’t do it.

Elsewhere Complex caught up with Nas on the video shoot for his single “Daughters”:

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