‘Scandal,’ Kerry Washington And Parlour’s Predictions

Oh shit, everyone knows I'm boinking Carl from 'Ghost'! - Olivia Pope, ABC

I was a fan of ABC’s “Scandal” before but last week’s episode made me a groupie. Hell, the @ClubScandal mafia followed me on Twitter — mama I made it! The television drama, starring Kerry Washington as Capital Hill political fixer Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn Carl from Ghost as President Fitz Grant and helmed by “Grey’s Anatomy” black girl creator Shonda Rhimes, rose to the next level as the storyline explained why Pope has been squirming around the President, literally and figeratively, the entire season. Then I watched the spoiler for the “Scandal” finale episode, screamed and thought up a few predictions myself.

Here’s the background, if you missed last week, per The Hollywood Reporter

During last week’s penultimate episode of the season, cub reporter Gideon (Brendan Hines) cracked the case, connecting the vice president’s chief of staff Billy (Matt Letscher) to Amanda Tanner and could ultimately pay for his discovery with his life after he’s brutally stabbed with a pair of scissors.

In addition, the big flashback episode gave Billy a motive for sending Cyrus (Jeff Perry) the sex tape of Fitz with a mysterious woman (who viewers learned was really Olivia!): Billy really wanted the morally upstanding candidate, Sally (Kate Burton) to come out on top during the primaries. Unfortunately, his smoking gun proved too little, too late as Sally had already accepted Fitz’s vice presidential offer.


Now watch the trailer, then we’ll talk:

Cyrus running down the hall was everything. 

Here’s what I think will happen on the “Scandal” finale:

– Olivia will contact Fitz and Cyrus, or vice versa, and they will have an all-hands on-deck meeting where Fitz will say he has to come out and be honest about sleeping with Amanda Tanner, the dead pregnant girl.

– Cyrus will say, ‘Shut up Fitz, hell no. We’ve got to discredit Billy so no one will believe what he says. You’re the President for God’s sake.’

– Olivia will finally talk to her shy girl employee Quinn who will slowly piece together that Billy killed Gideon, her journalist boyfriend, while she was out for bagels — who I said would end up dead if he didn’t shut up, I was right — with the help of Huck.

– After some twists and turns, Olivia and Carl from Ghost will have another conversation about their relationship, his dead marriage and how he just wants to be with her. Hopefully, we’ll get another steamy scene out of that because last week’s depiction of their first time between the sheets? *fans self* I felt like I was watching a lightly sanitized Trey Songz video, real talk.

– Ultimately, all will be disabled, thanks to Huck’s weirdness, Abby’s spy work, Harrison’s flirting or smart comments somewhere and Olivia pressuring the FBI executive, who’s always worried about if the two are friends, to arrest Billy for the murder of Amanda Tanner, which they will discover thanks to DNA results, and Gideon the mouthy-in-much-too-private-places journalist.

– Olivia and Fitz’s not-so-secret relationship? Oh, it’ll go on well into seasons two and three — you know “Scandal” was renewed by ABC for a second season, so Ms. Rhimes is going to give us the Meredith treatment like we’re at Seattle Grace Hospital on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Inappropriate relationships make fantastic television and Rhimes know this, so expect more hot cheating scenes and loving “minutes” between the President and his black boo. He’s about that Robert DeNiro-Grace Hightower life! It’s about to go down!

Thoughts? Your own predictions? Hit me up ladies!

Will you be watching the “Scandal” season finale tongiht at 10 p.m. on ABC, because I will. If you’re out of the U.S., try ABC.com.

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