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‘The Triptych’ Debuts In Brooklyn: Join Us!

The works of Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu and Barron Claiborne have always found their way onto the “top-ten” lists of contemporary art lovers who appreciate the intersection of art, history, race and pop-culture. This week, New York art-loving Parlouristas will make their way to the Brooklyn Museum this Thursday May 24th for the debut screening of The Triptych a documentary series featuring these three prolific talents in the art world. Directed by Terrance Nash and produced by Afro-punk films, the series seeks to offer a closer look at the work of the artists. Says Afro-punk:

The Triptych is a unique and profound documentary series profiling some of the most outspoken visual artists of our time. It highlights the work of artists Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu, and Barron Claiborne.

Produced by Afro-punk pictures, the documentary is itself a work of art, featuring three intimate 20-minute conversations with three bold and culturally resonant voices in art. Each monologue is a reflection of their life experience, letting the viewer discover how their observations have shaped the art they create.

The first in the series features Sanford Biggers, Wengechi Mutu and Barron Claiborne — contemporaries, luminaries and friends. Spanning the artistic gamut from interdisciplinary to photography and performance, their keen reflections on the world are at once startling and insightful.

While I’m excited to see Claiborne and Biggers as a long time fan of both, Wangechi’s work will definitely stand out will be one not to miss for her take on the black female body and beauty.¬†Information is below. Tickets are $12 and can be found here¬†and free admission is given to all Brooklyn Museum members.

Take a sneak peek below:

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