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Will Smith Talks Unwanted Russian Kiss

I had to smack him ya'll - Will

If you missed it, Will Smith was promoting his new film, Men In Black 3, in Russia last week and his mouth was violated. While on the red carpet, an interviewer hugs him, does the European three-cheek kiss then proceeds to try to tongue Smith down. So Smith pushes his attacker away and lightly slaps him. As a result, some innanet voices are accusing Smith of being homophobic because the interviewer was male — I call bullshit.

If anyone I didn’t know tried to kiss me and put their tongue in my mouth, I’m lashing out like a dame in a black and white movie while I yell something like “I will not have it, sir!” Would that make me anti-male or anti-female? How about, I just want to keep my mouth to my damn self?

Watch Will Smith talk about being molested in Russia on “The Late Show with David Letterman” below:

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