Catcall’s ‘Swimming Pool’: Listen!

When I hit the gym in the morning – or afternoon/evening when I can’t get my ass out of bed – it’s all Meek Mill, Uncle Luke, Rihanna and Chris Brown but after the workout? I can’t stop listening to Catcall‘s “Swimming Pool.” The California girl in me loves a good jam that sounds like a beach or a pool and the combination of both on a hot day, dragging myself back to my shower after baking in the YMCA sauna is perfection, lazy, slow and wistful perfection. I originally discovered the Australian singer’s track on DJ Mick Boogie’s mixtape to promote that wack HBO show How to Make It in America. If the series couldn’t survive, at least the mixtape lives on?

Anyway, I’m listening to Catcall’s “Swimming Pool” below, join me?

Here’s another Catcall jam, “The World is Ours.” She’s fun!

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