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Chicanas! MC Philthy Rich Wrote You An Anthem

Bay Area rapper Philthy Rich just released a video to celebrate the beauty and culture of Chicana, or Mexican-American women everywhere. The song, “My Mex Bitch,” expounds on the glorious attributes and contributions that Mexican women are totally known for, such as fighting, heavy eye-liner, access to drugs, tattoos (on her ass?), and their overt willingness to be a baby-momma. Because all Mexican American women have access to drugs that their moms will cook in the kitchen right?

Horrible delivery, lyrics and visuals aside, it saddens me to think that any Black or Brown woman would take pleasure in being deducted into simply a “___ Bitch.”¬†Being a down ass chick has it’s meaning and I can rock with it, but when you deduct an entire culture of women into one large stereotype with their legs open for the taking and you can’t put a decent sentence together or even fully pronounce the word Mexican, that something is terribly wrong in how we are viewing each other culturally, sexually and socially.

See what I mean below and sound off via the comments.

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