Scissor Sisters’ ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ Video Brightens My Day: Watch!

Let’s have a kiki. I want to have a kiki. Lock the doors! Honey! – Scissor Sisters

So I was plugging through my #freelancelife financials, you know Friday is invoice day around these parts, and after freaking out that I was going to have to survive on cat food because I’m a freelancer journalist/ jack of all trades, I realized that I do indeed already have a retirement account! Shut the front door! Then another project that I’ve been slaving over since February is finally finished and published! And I’m convinced it’s because I prayed, took a shot of homemade iced tea and played this fanmade video interpretation of the Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have A Kiki” aka my new happy time anthem. My last one was by Sugar Tongue Slim. Join me in my energy-shifting-happy-dance-a-thon?

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