The Faux Subversiveness of Lana Del Ray x A$AP Rocky’s ‘National Anthem’ Video: Watch!

Oh, Lana Del Ray. Sorry I woke up late ladies, it was thundering and lightening in New York last night and all that noise roused me at 5:30 a.m. like some old grandmother who needed to close all of her windows. Now I’m groggy because I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Anyway, check out the highly stylized video from Lana Del Ray and Harlem’s It boy A$AP Rocky entitled “National Anthem” below. Playing on the prepster folklore of the Kennedy’s, including JFK’s assassination, Lana and Rocky swoon over each other before he dies in the end. But here’s what I really saw in this clip.

While I still don’t believe she’s the greatest singer – that SNL performance? And her delivery just makes me remember how awesome Fiona Apple – this is a gorgeously styled video. Look at it! It’s absolutely beautiful, and Lana and A$AP’s faux curly haired kids are a adorable but at what point will interracial relationship no longer be controversial? One of the opening frames is Lana’s white hand on A$AP’s black knee, the shot is a bit suggestive, a bit “look at my acrylics” but it’s also “get ready for a white girl and a black guy! Together! OMG, Lana’s so dangerous and hipster!” Sigh. Maybe because I’m a California girl who’s been dating across ethnic boundaries since Tupac was still alive that the idea of swirling just isn’t that subversive.

Does this call up Birth of a Nation foolishness for you ladies too or am alone is viewing this piece of pop culture as a throwback to not only the John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy fairy tale but also the dangerousness of white women “brave” enough to date black men?

ps. Here’s a link to Big Boi’s new single “Gossip” featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Bun B over at Rap Radar.

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