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Atlanta: Love and Ice Cream – Find Your Favorite Flavors

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They are legendary, I’m talking Patron Pomegranate Margarita popsicles and hand-crafted Coconut Key Lime sorbet deliciousness. Remember chasing down the ice cream truck on your block as a kid? Well, our masterful flavor-makers down south have the goods that’ll make you come to a screeching halt in your car when you see one of these trucks or carts on the street. Yes, it’s really that serious. With that in mind, here are a few vendors to lookout for:
1079 North Ave. NE,  Atlanta, GA 30307 (404) 507-6774
Started by three brothers, this popsicle stand grew from one flagship cart on the corner of North Highland and North Avenue, to become an infamous pop wheeler and dealer with multiple carts all over the metro area. With a name inspired by Run DMC’s “King of Rock,” Atlanta’s King of Pops has taken Atlanta (and now Athens and Charleston) for one tasty ride.
Word to the wise: There are so many stands to choose from it’s best to check their online list of festivals, events and locations. Also, many of the flavors have a limited availability, so be prepared to be flexible enough to try something new. Otherwise, do as I do and stock up on your favorites when you catch them.
Atlanta, GA (404) 532-9133
Another member of the ever-expanding food truck movement, Westside Creamery has a decadent selection of homemade ice cream, sorbets and specialty ice cream sandwiches made with fresh baked cookies up for grabs. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and guaranteed to satisfy both your inner do-gooder and your taste buds.
Word to the wise: Because of their mobility, and low-key schedule, it’s best to catch up to these guys by tracking their whereabouts online. The upside is that if you have an event, say a neighborhood block party, you can make arrangements for Westside Creamery to come to you in your hood.

Honeysuckle Gelato
Atlanta, GA (404) 228-7825

Buontalenti may have invented gelato back in Italy, but Honeysuckle’s southern-inspired flavors are surely doing it justice. Bourbon Pecan and Mint Julep are but two of over 100 gelatos and sorbets in this company’s selection.

Word to the wise: You can catch up to the truck several times a week by checking their schedule online, like the aforementioned vendors. Otherwise, you can now (thankfully) get your gelato fix by grabbing a pint or two in one of the many stores and restaurants around town.

1380 Atlantic Drive NW,  Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 817-7500
Got a sweet tooth? Kilwin’s of Atlanta not only has an abundance of creamy, cold goodness to choose from, but also an array of fine chocolate truffles, candied apples and lollipops to boot. If you are looking for a traditional ice cream parlor with customary flavors and exceptional deliciousness, then Kilwin’s is your spot.
Word to the wise: Because of it’s prime location, this place tends to get extra busy. While the staff is friendly and glad to let you sample all day, the people waiting behind you, however, may not be as forgiving, especially when it’s hot.
749 Moreland Ave SE, # B102  Atlanta, GA 30316 (404) 622-0210
For the adventurous ice cream lover, try out Morelli’s. Their revolving menu offers unique flavors such as balsamic strawberry, salted caramel and avocado.
Word to the wise: This critically acclaimed creamery is pretty popular. They offer full-service catering featuring their crowd favorites as well as seasonal fare in the form of cones, cakes and sundaes. Since summer is the busiest season for all things cool, be smart and plan ahead for large special orders.
Stay cool in these Atlanta streets and hopefully I’ll see you in the shade by the pool, I’ll be the one cooling with a pop or cone in hand.

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