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Katherine Jackson Found but Janet Jackson Fought Paris Jackson?

Paris, Katherine and Janet. WTF 2012.

If you weren’t paying attention over the weekend – no judgement, I have to as a journalist – Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, was reported missing by her nephew Trent on Saturday night. According to Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael, and her tweets she hadn’t talked to her grandmother for one week, which was odd because she and her two brothers have been living with Katherine since their father’s death and became worried. Two days before, Jermaine Jackson tweeted that Kathy (yes, I’ve shortened her name) was fine and “resting up” in Arizona with Rebbie, his older sister. On Wednesday, siblings Jermaine, Randy, Tito, Janet and Rebbie Jackson filed a formal letter, charging that the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate, along with Kathy’s manager and lawyer was mistreating their mother.

Today, TMZ reports that Janet is on video pushing Paris as a car whisks Kathy away from her home, or maybe someone else was fighting too?

What the hell is going on?

Why is every story on the Jackson family so convoluted and crazy? Honestly, I want to say that these are just regular people with regular family problems but honestly … ‘the fuck? I don’t even know where to begin. Is Katherine missing or not? If she’s not, then why can’t the grandkids and nephew speak to her? Did the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office who proclaimed her “found” actually speak to her or are they noting confirmation from Jermaine’s tweet? Why is Katherine in Arizona with Rebbie? And if she’s just “resting” with her daughter in another state, why does that prevent her from answering phone calls from her family in California? AND WHY IS JANET ON CAMERA PUSHING PARIS? *throws up hands and sends up a prayer for all of the Jackson clan*

Update: Katherine Jackson’s guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three kids suspended

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