Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pound The Alarm’ Video Behind The Scenes: Watch!

Nicki Minaj & Beau Scaf Breezy in Trinidad (Universal)

Nicki Minaj takes us to Trinidad for her new video “Pound The Alarm,” where the MC dresses up in traditional costume and plays it local with her fans during the island’s famous Carnival. I liked this video the first time, with Jay-Z and UGK’s “Big Pimpin'” directed by Hype Williams so I’m pretty sure Nick’s version, touting colorful feathers, sequins and pop music will be fun too. I do think it’s funny/sad how aware the Trini-born, Queens-bred star is of what others, specifically women, think of her, evidenced in the clip when she says something about how no one in Trinidad is berating her, instead they are complimenting her sexiness. That recognition, spoken to her boyfriend in the shot, made me sad. Why can’t folks give one another kudos if they look great?

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