Rediscover Hollywood at the Chamberlain Hotel: The Parlour Review

California has been calling my name and thankfully so did the Ford Fusion marketing team, with a trip to Los Angeles to cover the 2012 BET Awards for our dear Parlour Magazine. Once I heard that I could see D’Angelo and my cousins on the same trip, I was all in. Funny enough, my stay at the Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood was what stood out the most about my short jaunt to the City of Angels.

Flying in late Saturday evening, I was greeted by the adorable Chamberlain. Nestled off a round-about in a residential area just above Santa Monica Blvd., the apartment building-cum-hotel is cozy and perfect for travellers like me who enjoy boutique options, and crocodile statues that meet you at the door. The lobby alone was like an art deco explosion of black and white chevron with wooden accents, I loved it.

My room on the third floor was a decent sized single with a sunken living room/office space, one couch, chess board-style coffee table, and two comfy lounge chairs stationed on either side of a fire place. Did the fire place, which boasted a flat screen television hung alongside it, work? I’m not sure because I was too tired to ask a staffer to start it up for me, but upon my return – and I am coming back – I’ll investigate. Two lamps flanked the couch, but I discovered one didn’t work when I settled in to get some work done. The bar was stocked with a white and red wine along with an array of sodas, juices and a healthy bottle of Patron, which was perfect for entertaining my cousin and his wife when they dropped by to say hi later that evening.

In the bedroom area, I enjoyed a king size mattress with fluffy pillows, an iHome alarm clock (Though I could never really get it to work properly with my iPhone. I had to prop my Fuji water bottle behind my iPhone while the device was on the dock for the wiring to connect and play my iTunes) and an additional flat screen television.

The bathroom resembled an image from a 1920s mansion that could’ve been featured in that new Great Gatsby trailer. Black and white tiles, a theme throughout the Chamberlain, lined the floor and the walls of the shower. The closet had an appropriate amount of space for one person, but if I was travelling with another guest with a lot of clothes, it would’ve been tight. I did wish there was a bathtub so I could’ve soaked at least once without having to clean up after myself, my favorite thing to do while travelling. Around the sink was a good amount of lotion and toiletries, as well as a handy mobile vanity mirror. Out on my room’s balcony, there wasn’t much to see besides the hotel’s neighbors across the street. The view from the rooftop’s small pool wasn’t the greatest either but that’s because I couldn’t see the beach, which is my basis for a good view in Los Angeles. However, if you’re in love with the downtown L.A. skyline and the sprawl of the SoCal hub, you’ll be more than satisfied.

A few notes, I didn’t work out in L.A. but the Chamberlain does have a gym. The Bistro restaurant tucked away on the first floor was in keeping with the art deco motif and has a full bar as well as outdoor seating. I ordered room service every day I was there and it was all tasty, especially that ahi tuna dinner dish.

Combing through my sponsored bill, thanks to Ford, it looks like the nightly rate was $263 per night, not sure if that was reduced because of the company’s relationship with the hotel. My room service bill, including one dinner, three breakfast meals and snacks, along with my cousin’s dip into the Patron totalled about $200. To be fair, I played fast and loose with the minibar’s gummi bears and caramel corn, don’t judge me.

Ultimately, I loved the Chamberlain, and since travelling in style is the Parlour way and I am sharing the wealth.

Chamberlain Hotel
1000 Westmount Drive
West Hollywood, Ca 90069

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