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RIP: Ms. Melodie of Boogie Down Productions

“I’m Ms. Melodie and I’m a born again rebel /┬áThe violence in rap must cease and settle…”

Ramona Scott of Flatbush, Brooklyn, known to hip hop lovers as Ms. Melodie, has died. Name sound familiar? The above rhyme was her contribution to the classic “Self Destruction” delivered in a fly fur ensemble before Lil’ Kim was putting together syllables. Melodie was the key female member of Boogie Down Productions and was once married to KRS-One. For Parlour girls like me, Melodie’s homegirl-flow and down-to-earth persona was everything we loved about female MCs during the early days of hip-hop. Far from the sex-kitten trend of today, Melodie was all rhyme and we ate it up. Rest In Peace and remember her below:

I still imitate Melodie whenever I say ‘Nah, I ain’t buyin’ it!”

Can you spot Melodie in Latifah’s “Ladies First?” (3:10)

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