Travel Bites: Travel Sex, Yoga In Mexico, Solo In Chicago & More

Looking for a last minute trip to get away from it all physically and come back looking and feeling better? This yoga retreat in Xinalani, Mexico is starting at just $460US for 4 nights! [MBG]

This writer’s solo-journey through Chicago is proof that when travelling solo, all you need is a little confidence and some insider information to have a great time. [NYT]

When faced with multi-city travel, one-way flights are an often overlooked option—which means you could be missing on out some serious savings and new adventures. [WashPo]

Apparently I’m not the only one who dreads flying into London due to the endless immigration lines. See what the country is now doing about it! [Guardian]

So we all know about the Mile High club, but what about the First Mates and Ten Meter Club? Yes, folks are getting it IN underwater and in other places where sex is not for the faint of heart. [TSL]

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