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Trey Songz Chats ‘Downton Abbey,’ New ‘Chapter V’ Videos and Love Faces

Trey Songz (Rocawear/TreySongz.com)

Parlour editor Hillary Crosley is heading down to the Essence Music Festival this weekend and caught up with R&B crooner Trey Songz for a few important questions. You know, like what kind of substance makes his rock hard abs glisten so well, important things. Here what Mr. Yuup had to say for himself.

Parlour: Are you working on any new videos to follow “Heart Attack” and “2 Reasons” featuring T.I. from your upcoming fifth album, Chapter V?
Trey Songz: I shot two videos in Los Angeles this week for my third and fourth singles called “Simply Amazing” and “Dive In.” “Dive In” is very guitar-driven, on a “Neighbors Know My Name” vibe. “Simply Amazing” is influenced by me listening to Maroon 5 and John Mayer’s early stuff.

On to more important things, will you keep your shirt on during ESSENCE Music Festival?
Why would I do that? For Essence and the upcoming Reggae Sumfest, I get to put together shows especially for those audiences. With Essence, I just want to continue what I’ve been doing there for the last two years, I might perform some new records from Chapter V. New Orleans is always fun and anytime I’m not on stage, I will be trying to find some good food.

Now a few fan-inspired questions, do you watch Downton Abbey?
No, I don’t even know what that is.

What oil do you use on your abs for photo shoots?
Uh … I just use lotion. *laughs*

What type of doo-rag do you wear?
I don’t wear one, my hair’s so low I don’t need one.

Do you practice making love faces in the mirror for performances or is it natural?
*laughs* Naw, I don’t.

What’s your bacon preference: turkey or pork?
I can go either way. If I’m feeling like I can take the grease, I’ma take it on. When I was coming up, all I ate was pork, that’s all I have in my house right now.

And all that pork doesn’t hurt your six-pack?
I can eat whatever I want as long as I wake up and get it in in the gym.

Chapter V hits shelves on August 21 and catch Trey Songz at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on Friday July 6. 

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