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London’s Olympic Fever: How We Caught It

USA Today has in the past called London “a dour city, a place of weepy grey skies and chilly demeanour” – kind of harsh, that’s not the city I know – but even they concede we’ve been transformed into an “enclave of smiling Olympic volunteers, efficient transit systems and joyful crowds.” Even our newspapers are reporting unbelieavable sporting achievement by locals like Moh Farah instead of where Kim Kardashian gets her hair extensions.

Even taxes are seen as appropriate these days. The Queen costs every UK taxpayer nearly £1 a year, and for many non-Royal fans that’s a second pint at the bar on Friday night! But as the queen parachuted into the Olympic stadium during the Opening Ceremony next to a suited James Bond, some in the crowd thought, ‘Your Majesty, you and this experience is worth every damn penny.’

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