Parlour Review: Hibba NYC Salon Entices with Sugar and Threads

Thin or full? Natural or arched for the gods? Sheesh, everytime I catch Whoopi Goldberg’s eyebrow-less face on The View I think ‘Maybe I’m making too much fuss over those tiny hairs above my eyelids!’ Thankfully, to avoid those accidentally at-home horror stories, Parlour previewed a Big Apple salon that is a master at this special craft.

Colorful Surroundings
Opening originally in SoHo two years ago, Hibba NYC recently added a new location near Grand Central Station to service a high volume of clients in Midtown. Hibba NYC’s services include eyebrow threading, waxing and sugaring, all while taking into consideration the skin sensitivities of each client. The small yet personable office boasts bright oranges and pinks and greens on the walls, providing the perfect ambiance for an ideal visit to the salon without the crowded environment of larger spas.

“I used to be in corporate America before this and the offices were so white and boring, so I wanted to give people the opportunity for color and be completely different and bring the Soho look to Midtown,” Hibba Kapil, the salon’s owner, told Parlour.

Hibba’s Kapil’s Secrets for Hair Removal
During the opening of the Midtown location, Hibba NYC experts offered complimentary eyebrow threading and fancy skin care advice for all. I was lucky enough to steal some of those important notes for successful hair removal that I’ll share with you, lucky:

Don’t tweeze one week before your appointment.

Bring a picture of what you really want your brows to look like.

Fill the middle of your eyebrow with the brow pencil and use the blender end of the pencil to brush and blend the pencil’s colorings inwards.

Bikini 101
Sugaring formula sticks to hair and not the skin, causing less pain than waxing.

Exfoliate before waxing or shaving, the results last longer and you’ll avoid ingrown hairs.

Always use cortisone cream after a wax to avoid redness and swelling.

So How Much is This Beauty Going to Cost You
A Midtown location will give you Midtown prices, however with over 12 years of experience, Hibba NYC is well worth the money.  I got my eyebrows done and it looks better than any other threading work I’ve had. I’m even going back to try out sugaring. A first time consultation for threading is $30 and each time after that would be $15-$20. For waxing, a full bikini job is $35 and the highly recommended sugaring procedure is only $3.50 more, and could possibly save you money down the line if it works better for your skin and lasts longer. If you’re not sure if sugaring is for you, go try out your skin with a test patch at one of their SoHo or Midtown locations. Find more information on Hibba NYC, check out their website HibbaBeauty.

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