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The Travel Seven: Carolyn ‘CC’ Concepcion

Today kicks off a new feature around these Parlour Passport parts, The Travel Seven. As we prepare for our fall travel season (Barbados, Brasil, Amsterdam, and more!) we thought that we’d connect with some of the world’s most frequent fliers for their take on travel, cool tips and interesting places to visit. Seven questions, seven ways to be inspired for your next journey.

Name:  Carolyn “CC” Concepcion
Age: 29
Occupation: Super Woman, Marketing Consultant
Website/Links: iamcsquared.tumblr.com
Passport Stamps:  Mucho!

1. My Best Travel Memory: Seeing the sunset in Morro De Sao Paulo in Bahia, Brazil. AH-MAZING!

 2. Favorite Hotel and Why: Casa Violeta in Tulum, Mexico. The villa was literally on the beach, our front and backyard was surrounded by sand and the ocean.

3. My Must-Haves on Any Flight: Headphones, snacks, gum, lip gloss, a sweater, high socks, a good book, magazines, and my iPad.

4. When I’m on the Road, I Absolutely Hate: A middle seat on a long flight, a cold airplane and packing. I wait until the last minute every time!

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: The Amalfi Coast of Italy.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: My passport, camera, smart clothing options. You just never know what you will need.

7. Top Lesson Learned While Travelling: Always carry cash. ATM’s are not as available as one would assume.

Already on your second or third passport? Join the Travel Seven and submit your answers today via a private message to our Facebook page—if we like them we will post on here on Parlour!

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