The Travel Seven: Khari Parson

As we prepare for our upcoming fall travel season we thought that we’d connect with some of the world’s most frequent fliers for their take on travel culture, cool tips and interesting places to visit. Seven questions, seven ways to be inspired for your next journey. Meet the newest member of the Parlour Travel Seven:

Name: Khari P.
Occupation: Lawyer and Gallerist
Website: WeldonArts.net
Passport Stamps: Approximately 30+

1. My Best Travel Memory: Ecuador in 1998 to visit a friend in the Peace Corps. Beautiful country and ethnically and geographically diverse. I visited the Amazon after a flood, stayed in a tiny village called Cupa with no running water, and saw extreme poverty in Quito. Had a great time until the girl’s 6’4, basketball playing boyfriend showed up. I also loved going to Jamaica for New Year’s in 2003 with my then girlfriend, it was a perfect trip.

 2. Favorite Hotel and Why: The Artel Hotel in Moscow, it’s a centrally located, boutique hotel near Red Square. The bar and restaurant on the first floor has great food and live music on weekends, run by a young, friendly staff. The rooms are lofts with platform beds and modern showers.

3. My Must-Haves on Any Flight: A hoodie for warmth, as a noise blocker, and to keep my head off the seat—and magazines.

4. When I’m on the Road, I Absolutely Hate: Civil unrest. It’s good to always know where your embassy is located and alternate routes to the airport or border.

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: Madagascar.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: A hooded rain jacket, laminated copies of my passport, and my MasterCard.

 7. Top Lesson Learned While Traveling: Eat where the locals eat and keep it low key in the hood.

Already on your second or third passport? Join the Travel Seven and submit your answers today to travel@parlourmagazine.com—if we like them we will post on here on Parlour!

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