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Travel Bites: Couch Surfing Creepies, IKEA Hotels, Mexican Wine Country & More

If you are looking at taking a August holiday in Morocco, check out this Moroccan Culinary Tour deal. And then take me! [JetSetter]

Ever considered couch-surfing to save a little hotel money? Had that bad “but what if my host is a total creep” second though? Yup – read this. [TSL]

Admit it. At least 30% of your apartment just may be “vintage” IKEA, so staying at an IKEA hotel wouldn’t be that much of a stretch of the imagination right? And you’d know how to assemble everything! [HC]

Our girl Sherry’s recent trip to Johannesburg has us looking forward to visiting South Africa soon, and this new New York Times look into the city is right on time. Jo’burg anyone? [NYT]

Looking for a boozy weekend exploring the wine country? Try Mexico. Get into it. [WSJ]

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