Cheryl Cole and Her Boo Tre Holloway: Parlouroids

Who knew Cheryl Cole liked the brownies? Where have I been? I blame Parlouristas Sherry and Charlene for not hipping me to the black and tan game. Anyway, meet Cole, a British pop star, and her man Friday (see what I did there?) Tre Holloway, who just happens to be American. Oddly enough, I’m American and I ain’t never heard of this cat. Meanwhile, Cheryl’s leather skirt is giving me a flashback to one of my mom’s going out outfits back in 1989. From the Mirror:

With her best date outfit on, Cheryl looked like something out of Vogue magazine with her tight leather skirt and scraped back hair.

Tre was more suited to the Next catalogue, having decided against wearing a t-shirt beneath his chunky cardigan. Either that or he was doing a Marvin from JLS and wearing a vest so low that his bare nipples were being chafed by wool.

The pair are currently preparing for Cheryl’s A Million Lights tour, which kicks off in Belfast on October 3rd.

Lol at “chaffed” nipples, oh the British gossip rags.

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