In NYC, Lianne La Havas Debuts Flirty ‘Age’ Video

On Tuesday night, Shannon and I headed to New York’s Bowery Ballroom to catch Lianne La Havas. My Parlour partners, especially Sherry over in London, are already fans of Lianne but I like seeing artists live on stage to gauge if they are worth their hype. So, with whiskey in hand, I watched Ms. La Havas strum her guitar, dressed in a black leather skirt, ornate sweater and white button-up, and make jokes about meeting Paris Hilton – “a nice girl” – during Fashion Week. Then she sang songs like “Forget” sweetly and personally. I was hooked.

While Lianne isn’t your girl if you’re looking to stay motivated at the gym, her voice is a perfect companion to soothe yourself during a hot bath surrounded by candles. And to boot, the London-born singer released a new video for her single, “Age” today from her album Is Your Love Big Enough? released earlier this year and I figured I’d share. Enjoy!:

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