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Beaches: Parlour’s Natural Surf Style

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t reveal our real, selfish and vain motivations behind Eat, Play, Love Barbados — simply put, we have our own beach! Located in the coastal village of Bathsheba on the east coast of Barbados, Parlour Beach is may be just a short drive from the island’s busy west coast but it seems like it’s worlds away.

Grab a beach blanket, stop for some food along the way and then hit Parlour to watch one of Barbados’ most popular surfing destinations — and its cuties — in action. Small local restaurants and surfer-friendly hotels surround the area so you can pick up local swell information if you decide to try your luck on a board.


As with all east coast beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean, the waves are certainly bigger, but the natural raw beauty of Parlour beach is something you must see with your own eyes.

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