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Best View Ever: Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados

During Labor Day weekend, I had the unique experience of seeing one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever enjoyed in the West Indies, Barbados’s Cherry Tree Hill reserve lookout point. I’ve travelled quite a bit, from peering up at Paris’ Eiffel Tower pre-lights on my 21st birthday to watching the sunset over a warm Greek beach, but Cherry Tree Hill is breath-taking. From our vantage point so high up on a mountain that our car’s radio signal no longer worked, I could see such a huge portion of the island, from the ocean to the lush forest, all I could do was give thanks for the opportunity to take in such a lovely sight.

If you’re in New York or London, where it’s probably raining outside of your window, soak up this view of Barbados’ Cherry Tree Hill and prepare to meet us in Barbados for our Live Like a Bajan tour and see it for yourself during the Food, Wine and Rum Festival in November.

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