The Travel Seven: Ant Demby

As we prepare for our upcoming travel season we thought that we’d connect with some of the world’s most frequent fliers for their take on travel culture, cool tips and interesting places to visit. Seven questions, seven ways to be inspired for your next journey. Meet the newest member of the Parlour Travel Seven:

Name: Anthony ‘Ant’ Demby
Occupation: Music Curator, Consultant, Manager
Website: Dembycratic & HumbleRiot
Passport Stamps: 20+

1. My Best Travel Memory So Far: My journey with a group of close friends hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu. That experience changed my life.

2. Favorite Hotel & Why: The W Hotel in Vieques, Puerto Rico. It’s a spacious hotel, peaceful and right on the ocean.

3. My Must-haves On Any Flight Are: My iPod, a great read, and a plethora of Pita Chips.

4. When I’m On The Road, I Absolutely Hate: People who disrespect the local cultures they are visiting.

5. My Dream Destination Or Vacation: I would love to travel throughout India or the Galapagos Islands.

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: My prayer beads, My iPhone travel apps, and my Canon 60-D & G-10.

7. Top Lesson I’ve Learned While Travelling: I learned to be respectful, flexible, and most importantly open.

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