The Travel Seven: Arlene Pitterson

Name: Arlene Pitterson
Occupation: Marketing Executive
Website/Links: Fashion, Style, Black Orchid
Passport Stamps: 10+ and counting internationally. A Domestic (US) road warrior.

1. My Best Travel Memory: Being in Paris with my sister, we experienced that beautiful city together and I will forever be grateful for it.

 2. Favorite Hotel and Why: I’m a boutique hotel snob, so any small but modern hotel is exactly where I want to be.

 3. My Must-Haves on Any Flight: My iPod – must have music to drown out the baby I’m usually sitting near. Water. Healthy snacks: pack an apple, nuts, popcorn … something!  You avoid having to spend ridiculous money at the airport feeding yourself if you’re flight is delayed. Fashion magazines – I can download, but there’s just something about being able to flip through a new issue of Vogue that will never grow old.  A blanket – I remember some supermodel was being interviewed and she mentioned she always travels with her own blanket because you don’t know how often they wash the ones on airplanes. I take a little fleece one to cover my face when I’m in the plane— this way I can also listen to music without being bothered by the flight attendants because they can’t see me.

4. When I’m on the Road, I Absolutely Hate:  If an airport does not have an “experienced traveler” line. I know that I need to take my laptop out of the bag, have my toiletries out, and take off my shoes. Please don’t have me in line with the “never been to the airport” traveler where they take 15 minutes to get through security.

5. My Dream Destination or Vacation: I haven’t made my way to Asia yet, so after braving the major flight time, I’d love to visit Japan, Hong Kong, China, and India

6. The Three Things I Can’t Travel Without: iPod. Water. Travel Blanket.

 7. Top Lesson Learned While Travelling: ALWAYS refresh your travel-sized toiletries when you return home and unpack. If not you’ll forget, throw your toiletry bag in the suitcase, get to your location and realize you forgot to replace the toothpaste, lotion or body wash.

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