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This November, Eat, Play and Love in Barbados!

Two years ago, two girls went to Barbados to chill out and instead fell head-over-heels in love with the island and its premiere culinary event, the Barbados Food Wine Rum Festival. Since then, we’ve brought a few friends along and turned them into repeat offenders who now mark this November event as a must-do on their yearly calendars. For our third year, we wanted to invite more people to join the fun—but we don’t believe in exclusivity when it comes to a good time. So we created, Eat, Play, Love Barbados and we want you to be our guests this year, Parlour style.

From now until November, stay with us as we give you an intimate look at what makes Barbados, aka “BIM,” not only the place to be this November 16-19 for the festival, but all year round. And because we are picky travelers, we know that you will travel to the island your way (and hopefully accrue some miles), so we did our homework for you for the rest of the trip. Need an affordable and chic place to stay? Try Tamarind, Colony Club or The House. Need to unwind in seclusion? Try Parlour Beach—Yup! We have a beach!—for surfing or surfer boy watching. Want to meet the island’s next big talent? Check out Honey Jam. This tiny island has loads of cool things to do, and we’ve covered them all no matter what your interests.

As you plan your trip and during your stay, Eat, Play, Love will be your online resource for all the Bajan information you’ll need to have a good time. We’ve done our research, including repeat trips to the island, hanging with locals and personally investigating everywhere we recommend. Our fact-finding allows us to rate the best places to eat on the cheap, or where to go when you need a manicure/hair-cut/emergency stiletto heel before stepping out to a food festival event like Ambrosia this year, all with the authority of a Parlour eye. We’ll be updating the Eat Play Love homepage with more tips, and also posting information on our exclusive Live Like A Bajan island tour, happening during the festival.

Hopefully we’ll see you poolside at the Tamarind this year, or at the Mount Gay Visitors Center at the bar, or flirting with chefs because that’s what we (OK, I) do. No matter what, feel free to join in and Eat, Play and Love Barbados with us. See you guys in November!

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy paradise, Parlour style! Eat, Play, Love Barbados is Parlour’s fabulous travel deal giving you special discounted rates on top Bajan hotels, including The House, Colony Club and Tamarind, during the Food Wine and Rum Festival November 16-18. Join us!

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