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Watch: Michelle Obama is Inspirational and Ripped at the DNC

Michelle Obama, right? Last night, the First Lady of the United States took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and I’ve got to say she made me proud to be an American. As foolish as politics have become these days as candidates spout blatant lies along the 2012 presidential campaign trail, it was great to see Mrs. O set a poised and flawless example for not only the country but for little black and brown girls. It’s always easier to think you can conquer a mountain if you’ve just watched someone else reach the top. Or maybe just do like, say, five push-ups so my arms will look like that? Mo’s body is just …

Sadly, cable on my Brooklyn block was out so I missed the FLOTUS in action but if you’re like me, you can catch Lady O’s speech about her love for President Barack Obama because he was once a broke college student like the rest of us below:

Top ten moments via Politico

Michelle Obama’s full speech via ABC

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